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When someone dies intestate (without leaving a valid will) and without any known kin, their estate or assets would pass to the Crown were it not for the diligent work of probate researchers like us at A2Z Probate Research. Using all of our expertise we painstakingly compile a family tree of the deceased person, tracing the closest blood relatives - anyone from sons, daughters to distant cousins. This process may involve the utilisation of any number of resources at our disposal; including the obtaining of birth, marriage and death certificates, searching electoral registers both past and present, overseas records, local archives and wills.

Many of our clients will find that it's not just the financial rewards Probate Research can offer. Often we provide you with valuable family information, and we can even play a part in reuniting families that have been separated for many years. However, you can rest assured that any information that you give us is treated with the strictest confidence, and addresses and phone numbers are only exchanged with the express wishes of all parties.

We only contact people who we believe have a genuine entitlement. This may be after weeks or sometimes months of research to establish your relationship to the deceased. We will then take over the complicated task of proving your claim on the estate and providing the required documentation. All we ask is that you sign our agreement. Contact us now for more information relating to our services