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So What are the charges?

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The fee agreement recognizes the work we have done in locating the heir and advising of the potential interest, and agrees that the heir will pay us only a percentage of any money that he or she might eventually receive from the estate, or a flat fee depending on which choice the client makes. In that way, there is no financial risk to the potential beneficiary. Should the presumed heir not receive anything from the estate, there will be absolutely nothing payable to us.

The percentage fee we ask, is set to reflect the investment and high costs involved in dealing with speculative estate matters of this kind. It also takes account of the very high risk factor; given that many of the estates we research will prove unresolvable, for a variety of reasons. These can for example be estates where the deceased's own parentage is unknown, through cases where there are no relatives of a close enough degree to inherit, to those where there eventually prove to be no assets in the estate. Regardless of the outcome, all costs incurred by us in researching and establishing the families and heirs involved, are our own responsibility. There are no circumstances when these are charged to beneficiaries. Professional fees charged by solicitors dealing with the estate administration and other estate debts, are paid from the estate itself, in the normal way, prior to any distribution.

At the time that the estate is being distributed, our agreed fees would usually be deducted by the solicitor dealing with the administration, and the net entitlement would then be sent directly to the heir.

The contingent percentage fee is often the only practicable method of remuneration in matters involving completely unknown kin and intestacy. In such cases there is often nobody authorized to incur costs on behalf of the estate to find kin, and without the involvement of Probate Genealogists on such a basis, the estate would most likely pass to the State. Such a fee ensures that the beneficiaries' involvement is risk-free, and at the same time recognizes the value of the Probate Genealogists' service, in facilitating a real benefit to the heir, that would not have occurred otherwise.

Tracing your family history can be fun, rewarding and compelling. We can help our customers in their search to find out something about their very own history. At A2Z Genealogy Research, we can provide detailed family trees, copies of census report and certificates and our highly skilled researchers can date these all to suit your very own budget.

Using the following table, we make it easy to choose the package which most suits your requirements.

Charges relating to research undertaken by A2Z Probate & Geneaology Services



Bronze 1911


Silver 1911


Bronze 1873


Silver 1873


Bronze Pre 1873


Silver Pre 1873

Family Tree

Copies of Census Report




Bronze Report


Silver Report















Our packages allow you to choose how far back in history we research your family history. Click on the links to view examples of our reports in pdf form and see how we present this information to you.